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      1. Spare parts sales and machine reserve
        Service support - Full life cycle services - Service product display

        Business type: spare parts sales and complete machine reserve

        Overview of business types

        Motor spare parts: used in the sales of parts or components of related products;

        Whole machine reserve: according to the requirements of long-term cooperative customers, reserve motors with large usage or running in key positions, so that customers can sell or lease them in case of emergency to meet the needs of customers' system operation.


        Investigate the reserves of motors and spare parts commonly used by users in radiation areas, and reduce the pressure on users' funds through centralized storage;

        Establish reserve stocks at service stations, and distribute them at any time according to the needs of various enterprises, so as to enhance the service guarantee ability of motor materials for oil fields and refining and chemical enterprises;

        Establish inventory and demand information networking system, reserve in advance and respond quickly.



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