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      1. Trouble repair
        Service support - Full life cycle services - Service product display

        Business type: fault repair

        Overview of business types

        Repair equipment damage or performance degradation caused by normal or abnormal reasons.

        Minor repairs: usually, only repair and replace parts that wear quickly and have a service life equal to or less than the repair interval

        Medium repair: partial disassembly, repair or replacement of some main parts and reference parts of equipment, or repair of parts with service life equal to or less than repair interval;

        Major repair: aiming at fully restoring the working capacity of the equipment, disassemble all or most parts of the equipment, repair and replace unqualified parts and accessories, renovate the appearance, and restore the specified precision, performance and production efficiency of the equipment.


        Winding rewinding


        On-site troubleshooting


        Repair of faults of motor returning to factory


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