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      1. Product Center - Low voltage synchronous perman
        Company Profiles
        Technical Characteristics
        Product features
        Application industry
        Operating conditions
        Company Profiles

        Ultra high efficiency self starting flameproof three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor is a new product independently developed by the enterprise. The motor efficiency index meets the level 1 energy efficiency requirements in the provisions of GB 30253-2013 energy efficiency limits and energy efficiency grades of permanent magnet synchronous motors. 

        Technical Characteristics
        Power Range:
        Rated voltage:
        Rated frequency:
        50Hz 60Hz
        Explosion proof sign:
        Ex d I Mb、Ex d ⅡB T4 Gb
        Protection Degree:
        Cooling Methods:
        Product features

        The rotor of this series of motor has damping winding, self starting ability of asynchronous motor and the characteristics of high torque and high force energy index of permanent magnet synchronous motor. It has the advantages of high efficiency, small volume, low noise, small vibration, large temperature rise margin, reliable movement and long service life.

        Operating conditions

        It is applicable to places with explosive gas mixtures in petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electric power, machinery and other industries.


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