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      1. Product Center - Drive control
        Company Profiles
        Technical Characteristics
        Product features
        Application industry
        Operating conditions
        Company Profiles

        Mine flameproof and intrinsically safe frequency converter is a new generation of mine flameproof frequency converter. It has powerful functions, complete models, compact structure and high cost performance. It can adapt to various complex working conditions and can also be deeply customized according to user needs.

        Technical Characteristics
        Product series:
        Voltage level:
        Power range:
        Control mode:
        V / F or vector control
        Output Frequency:
        Working mode:
        two quadrant / four quadrant
        Structural form:
        single machine, multi combination
        Cooling mode:
        self cooling / air cooling / water cooling
        Explosion proof sign:
        Product features

        The product adopts high-performance V / F control / open-loop vector control, can drive three-phase AC asynchronous motor and low-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, supports multi machine power balance (up to 8 machines), adopts Chinese / English Color man-machine interface, has fault, operation record and manual / automatic export of USB flash disk, has been stored for more than 10 years, and can adopt various heat dissipation methods such as heat pipe self cooling / heat pipe air cooling / external water cooling.

        Application industry

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