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Dasputnik was founded in Turku, Finland at 2006 after the jam project Mystery Space was transformed into Tobe and his librarians which didn't keep it's balance since one member wasn't working in the library anymore and a new member was added. The band plays instrumental progressive spacerock adding other genres along the way and while playing, the band tries to create a hypnotic transponation relationship with the audience by stimulating their brain synapses to the same wavelenght. The music goes forward with a jam style leaving room for innovational playing and the people who have seen the band usually say that they are at their best when playing live. Dasputnik gave their first live concert in the fall of 2006, and has been an active performance giver at the clubs and events in south Finland. Art Safari records, in which the band members are all involved, released their debut album Parapsykosis in april of 2009.

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