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Roz Vitalis

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The Russian (Saint-Petersburg) band ROZ VITALIS plays music which can be christened as a “symphonic avant space prog”. This music is influenced mainly by LE ORME, YES, ELP, KING CRIMSON, GENTLE GIANT and SUPERSISTER. The essence of ROZ VITALIS musical approach is to make a contribution to overcoming of chaos, unmasking of spiritual evil, transcending and mystical enlightenment.

ROZ VITALIS exists since 2001 and is headed by multi-instrumentalist
Ivan V. Rozmainsky (synthesizers, piano, recorders, ocarina, percussions, programming). By the way, the name ROZ VITALIS comes from the latin ros vitalis, meaning "living water" (or, more exacly "living dew", since "ros" is "dew"). The misspelling is, of course, intentional, suggesting ROZmainsky's name. The logo - the symbol of the cross on a crescent moon - is an ancient Christian symbol.
The very first demos were created in this year by ROZ VITALIS as “one-man band”. In 2002 – 2004 the line-up included
Nadezhda Regentova (keyboards and voices) and Vladimir "Nektor" Polyakov (keyboards and lyrics), and also Vassily Raskov on voices - only in 2002 - and some guest musicians. This line-up has recorded albums which are classical for the band, mainly, L’Ascensione (2002), Painsadist (EP, 2003) and Lazarus (2003). Other albums of this period are The Threesunny Light Power (EP, 2004) and Das Licht Der Menschen (2004).
These albums contain melodic keyboard-based electronic prog with changing measures, “atmosphere”, “gothic” moods, rare winds and (also rare) female “church” voices. The style has been compared by reviewers with KING CRIMSON, GENTLE GIANT, ART ZOYD, TANGERINE DREAM etc.

In the beginning of 2005 the new participants have joined ROZ VITALIS. These are
Klara Metelkova (music, recorders, harmonica, voices) and Yuri Verba (clarinet). In this year the band has created album called Enigmarden. This album contains some folk and jazz elements. Both flutes (recorders) and clarinet played very important role.

In Autumn’05 the band has “acquired” guitarist
Sydius from DIOGENIUM and released live album as a trio (Rozmainsky/Metelkova/Sydius). The album is called Live Autumn’05 in the Ad Lucem Studio.
Besides, the band have contributed to
Higher and Higher - A Tribute To The Moody Blues box set released in 2005 by Mellow Records, which is a famous Italian label. The song Words You Say has been recorded by Ivan (keyboards, samples, recorders), Nadezhda (backing voices) and Ekaterina Sophronova (lead vocals).

In Spring’06 Metelkova had left the band and live incarnation had become the following: Ivan/Sydius/Nektor. This line-up gave live concerts (since May 2007 until March 2008 with
Vladimir "Energoslon" Semenov-Tyan-Shansky on bass). By the way, in 2006 Nadezhda and Nektor ceased to be engaged in studio activity owing to different causes.

In 2007 “studio incarnation” of ROZ VITALIS – Ivan Rozmainsky (keyboards, recorders, percussion, samples), Sydius (guitars) and Yuri Verba (clarinets) has released (independently like all previous albums) the most famous album called
Compassionizer which is distributed by RAIG, MUSEA RECORDS, KINESIS and other labels. In December 2007 Yuri Verba died (R. I. P.).

In 2008
Philip "Phill" Semenov (drums) and Vladimir Efimov (guitars) joined the band, and Sydius refused to play live concerts with ROZ VITALIS. So, since August 2008 live line-up of ROZ VITALIS includes Ivan/Energoslon/Phill/Efimov/Nektor. On May 2nd 2009 the band has organized (at Cheshire Cat Art Centre) Saint Peter Prog Fest 2009 featuring ROZ VITALIS, THE PRAVEDNICKS' BAND, PANDORA and INNER DRIVE.

In Autumn 2008 ROZ VITALIS has completed recording and mixing of newest album called
Overcoming-Up. The album was recorded by Ivan Rozmainsky (keyboards, percussion, samples), Sydius (guitars), Energoslon (bass) and new studio musician Vladislav Korotkikh (flute). Now the album "waits for" the release...

In March 2009 net-label
R.A.I.G. Accessory Takes has released compilation called Lazarus Abridged including seven tracks from such early self-released works as EP-album "Painsadist" (2003), LP-album "Lazarus" (2003) and EP-album "The Threesunny Light Power" (2004). This compilation can be downloaded at

In November 2009 ROZ VITALIS has released newest album which is live one. It is called
Live at Mezzo Forte, Moscow, September'09. This album shows "rockish" side of ROZ VITALIS and is recorded with fully fledged rhythm-section. The track-list includes newly arranged versions of famous compositions from "L'Ascensione", "Painsadist" (EP), "Enigmarden", and "Compassionizer" albums, and also previously unreleased songs and newest stuff. The style of "live" ROZ VITALIS, to some extent, approximates to "traditional" art-rock/post-rock and moves away from avant-prog and classical music (which are important tags for "studio" ROZ VITALIS). The album can be ordered at

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