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Blank Manuskript

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The Blank Manuskript is a Project from central Europe situated in the mountanious Austria. The music can best be decribed as Progressive Rock or, to be specific, Art-Rock with a special attention towards the narrative elements. The Band's aim is to present a story in their music, which means that the music itself is written to fit the intentional narration.

The band was formed in late 2007 by the trio Christian Breckner, Dominik Wallner and Alfons Wohlmuth. After substantiating their style and intention, they started writing the concept and musical material for their first project "Tales from an Island - Impressions from Rapa Nui". Seeking for a skilled drummer to contribute to this challenging music, they were soon joined by Elias Papaioannou thus making their principal band-line-up complete. But "Blank Manuskript" consists of much more than just "the band". The whole project is supported by many guest-artists, whithout which the music and the presentation wouldn't be possible.

The Blank Manuskript presents musically complex structures and sophisticated lyrics in an enjoyable and fascinating way to the audience. So lay back and enjoy the music not just as background-entertainment but as a coherent and artistic tale of times.

Live LineUp:
Alfons Wohlmuth – Electric Bass, Flute, Vocals
Dominik Wallner – Keys, Vocals
Christian Breckner – Guitars, Vocals
Jakob Aistleitner – Vocals, Saxophone, Flute
Camillo Mainque Jenny – Drums

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